Spinning Newspaper

I’ve been asked a few times how I spin newspaper into such thin yarn to knit with, create pompoms or whatever else. It’s actually embarrassingly easy, you just need some patience.... It also helps if you are slightly OCD, because I like my yarn spun really tightly and without knobbly bits! First of all, a few essentials:

1. Strips of newspaper.

I tear mine along a ruler, but you can also cut them (use the long side of the newspaper!). The width determines the thickness of the strands. Approximately 1.5cm creates lovely thin strands (not that I ever measure them!). Don't worry if they are not all the exactly the same width.

2. A long cardboard tube.

This is quite important as you need to hold the tube steady whilst you are spinning the paper. A long tube fits nicely between the knees:-)

3. A glue stick.

To glue the strands together. You can also weave them together, but that is more tricky and they can come apart.

I’ve created a little video for you to watch the actual process. I’m quite new to this vlogging and terribly self-conscious! I hope I’ll get better over time!

Let me know how you get on and send me some pictures of your newspaper yarn and what you've done with it:-)

Thank you so much for reading and watching. Did you find it useful?

See you next time!

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